Update again! These are some test renders and design of the first animation I’m going to create. They’re just style frames really since I’m trying to figure out the texture and the lighting.

Oh, on a sidenote: I came to the conclusion that one theme always kept coming back to me and had the most ideas for so my teacher told me that maybe it was a better idea to stick with just one theme. That way my animations would become more of a whole. Like a series, which I can send to festivals and stuff. The theme is: Evolution of games.

I came up with some ideas to create new versions of old retro games or something along the line of old 2D retro games breaking into a new 3D world. I’ll be doing lots of different animation techniques, from 3D to just plain 2D animations. From logo animations to little humorous shorts.

I also had the idea of creating little prologues for old retro games since that’s kind of a big thing for games nowadays. Not only for games but movies aswell, everything gets a prologue. Most of the time it’s about the main character, so imagine a backstory to old school retro games. What happened before Pong, Galaga, Space Invaders or Pac-Man. They’re supposed to be funny little animations that show a little prologue of the game.

I’ll also post some video’s of the renders I made :).